Tuesday, November 11, 2014

creativity, intelligent quotient and enviroment

Gulford (1967), one of the experts in the measurement intelligent, imposes limits that to IQ score of 120 (threshold intelligence for creativity). More than that figure, intelligence is no longer an influence on creativity. This means that children whose IQ 140 is definitely not more creative than his IQ is 120. Due to superior creative work, is not actually required a very high IQ, just on the verge of intelligence alone.
Conversely, if very low, below average, would be difficult to be creative. However, the child should still be encouraged and stimulated to creativity can be developed, although this would not result works very superior.mainan anak edukatif online
Creativity child IQ tinggipun dependent environment. It could be a preschoolers high IQ but his parents Just mementingkanhal-academic things, such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.
As a result, the child does not develop imagination. In fact, the power of preschoolers is imagination. In other words, the smart child is not necessarily creative.

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